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Episode 2: Inception - Show Notes 

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TV Tropes
Inception Kink Meme
Clothes in Inception
Guns in Inception

Authors We Mention:


Fics We Mention:

Antimony - jibrailis
the music makers - mami_san
Metaphors as mixed as you can make them - halflinen
the warp and weft that hold life together - anamuan
let not my love be called idolatry - toomuchplor
nothing’s gonna change my world - smallacts
a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity - eleveninches
nothing matters when we’re dancing - gollumgollum
the revolution series - the_ragnarok

this modern love and left and leaving - pyrimidine
Unexpected Plot Twist - ethrosdemon
Porncaptor, Spin, and Zugunruhe - weatherfront
The House That Cobb Built and The Material Life of the Californian Suburb - eleveninches
In Media Res - Starlingthefool
no discipline of forgetting and this is all there is, roll the dice - wanderlight
towards zero and Akallabêth - mirabella
life in virtual reality - cobweb_diamond
oxidants happen - handsomespeck/stachleyjohnson
quito - starbolin
we used to wait - lurrel
je ne veux pas travailler - syllic
this thing of ours - bauble
the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing - amazingly_me/and_backagain

Amazing Grace and Synergy - airgiodslv
Presque Vu and Early Returns - rageprufrock
Skybird - windswept_fic
Incipit - thehoyden
Mr. Eames & - wldnst

Other: Do It Again - Arthur & Eames vid

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