The Aural Primer
The Aural Primer

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Episode 1 Show Notes 

Also can be found at the LJ community, where we welcome comments and feedback as well as suggestions.

Helpful Links
TV Tropes
TSN RPF Primer
The Accidental Billionaires at Amazon
- community for Mark/Eduardo and Andrew Jesse
- community for The Social Network fic in general
- Big Bang community
TSN Graphics - TSN graphics tumblr
Fics We Mention
Another Vision of Us
boy falls from the sky
Carry it in My Heart (if anyone knows where this has been moved to, let me know!)
Cryptography for Beginners
the fuse is burning
If you can’t be touched
In Grander Schemes Than This
love and a steady hand
Never Give All The Heart
Never Marry for Money (You Can Borrow it Cheaper)
on the path unwinding  (referred to as “wardolope”)
oriented towards the other
pieces from my heart
Speaking in Tongues 
Strength in Numbers
a submission to reason (and to you)
Sweet On You
Technosocial Series
Teeth in the Grass
Authors We Mention
abriata/abriata @ AO3
blackeyedgirl fairy_tale_echo
fledmusic - TSN fic
- Fortune and Men’s Eyes
oflights/TSN fic masterlist
profoundrice's art
jumpercut's vids

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